Ruben Harris

Photo of Ruben by the San Fco Bridge

In 2011, Ruben Harris and Dylan Gutierrez founded Young and Cultured. Ruben has been playing the cello for over 22 years and was an investment banker while serving on the Auxiliary Board for the Joffrey Ballet where he met Dylan. After 3 years in investment banking, Ruben moved to San Francisco to work for the Growth team at AltSchool, where he works with the appropriate teams internally to form and execute strategies to launch schools. In college, he curated a sizeable online following by promoting over 50 events for non-profits, professional athletes, and celebrities including Floyd Mayweather, Kim Kardashian, and Jay-Z. For more background on Ruben's musical traning, he started in the Suzuki Method with Bonnie Bull. Later on, he studied with Wolfgang Laufer (Fine Arts Quartet), Daniel Laufer (Atlanta Symphony), and had additional training in artistic interpretation from Mariana Laufer (Bucharest Opera and Ballet). He has also been a music teacher, received label placements with Def Jam, and performed in national and international venues including Carnegie Hall. Ruben attributes his success to the skills he developed through music and believes the Young and Cultured mindset will teach people to embrace their differences and use those traits to get ahead.